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Founded in 1988, Fontanus: from the collections of McGill University, was conceived as an annual scholarly journal edited and produced by McGill Librarians. The primary purpose of Fontanus is to showcase the University Library's extensive rare and special collections through in-depth scholarly articles which interpret or showcase particular collections. Like McGill's collections, the subject range of the individual articles run the full spectrum from Science, Medicine, Law to the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The fourteenth volume of Fontanus, co-edited by Peter McNally and Gordon Burr, contains 4 articles based on the collections in the McGill University Archives and the Redpath Museum. The McGill University Archives provided the main sources for all of the articles.


This volume of Fontanus was edited by Professor Emeritus Peter McNally and Senior Archivist Gordon Burr. We wish to thank the invaluable aid and support that we received from the Dean of Libraries, Colleen Cook and the team of people that enable this type of project to come to fruition.  A big thank you to Rhiannon Hebert and Nicola Vernon for their copy editing skills, Alex Kohn for her advice on copyright, Jessica Lange for her kind support of a neophyte editor and Jennifer Innes for her invaluable technical skills that in the end made this publication possible.

This volume of Fontanus: from the Collections of McGill University is dedicated to Dr. Robert H. Michel, Co-Editor of volumes 12 (2010) and 13 (2013) and a contributor of distinguished articles over many years.


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Vol. 2 (1989)
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